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Brock Township Council asked to review increase to firefighter wages

Brock Township Fire Department

Members of Council, As you continue to work toward finalizing the 2018 operating budget for The Township of Brock I would respectfully ask that you again review your budgeting of firefighter salaries and the reasoning for the excessive increases you are passing down to the taxpayers of Brock. Notwithstanding the confusing language used in report 2018-FI-03 paragraph six which uses

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Letter: Recommendations from former firefighter include Township purchase of aerial truck

Township office

An open letter to Brock Township Council: I have recently become aware that Brock Township is considering the acquisition of an aerial/ladder truck. I also understand that the acquisition of such a truck was recently recommended in a consultant’s report. I have had an opportunity to read that report. Opinion: I am expressing my opinion based of having been a

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