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A letter from Dr. Jon Barnes, optometrist

To my Patients, The Public and the Profession of Optometry, There has been recent press in respect of allegations made regarding my conduct as an optometrist. These allegations were the subject of a hearing recently before the Discipline Committee of the College of Optometrists of Ontario, the results of which are posted on the College’s website. I admitted to the

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LETTER: Cannington resident calls out council for changes to social media policy

Township office

It has been reported that you recently voted in favour to the new Brock Township social media policy.  While much of the policy makes sense and outlines some common sense issues, I believe one of the sections deserves attention and comment. Specifically, Section 6.3.3:  “Staff will not use their personal social media accounts to comment or question any of the Township of Brock’s policies, procedures and decisions of Council or senior staff on the basis that there are alternate mechanisms in place to address any concerns.” 

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Letter: Resident requests cultural heritage study on Beaverton Public School

To Brock Township council and staff: I’m writing to you to consider preserving the original Beaverton Public School (BPS) building, as part of the School Board’s consolidation process. While the School Board has received funding to build a new school in Beaverton, I believe it still requires site plan approval from Brock Township. I would urge Township staff and council

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Brock Township Council asked to review increase to firefighter wages

Brock Township Fire Department

Members of Council, As you continue to work toward finalizing the 2018 operating budget for The Township of Brock I would respectfully ask that you again review your budgeting of firefighter salaries and the reasoning for the excessive increases you are passing down to the taxpayers of Brock. Notwithstanding the confusing language used in report 2018-FI-03 paragraph six which uses

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