Walter Schummer elected mayor of Brock Township

Walter Schummer is the new mayor of Brock Township.

The former Ward 3 councillor cruised to victory with 2,185 votes — more than half the ballots cast. Former regional councillor Ted Smith finished the night with 1,147 votes, while Ryan Williams came in third with 685 votes.

The race for regional councillor was rather anti-climatic as former Ward 1 representative Mike Jubb earned more than 75 percent of the popular vote.

The results were quite similar for Ward 1, where Peter Frank was elected the new councillor.

The closest race of the evening came in Ward 5, where incumbent Lynn Campbell edged out Tony Laundrie by 13 votes, 389-376.

The other three ward positions were acclaimed — Claire Doble (Ward 2), Angela Canavan (Ward 3) and Cria Pettingill (Ward 4).





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