Video – Driver of transport truck charged after running red light in Uxbridge

The driver of a transport truck is facing charges after running a red light and nearly causing a serious collision in Uxbridge.

According to the Durham Regional Police, an officer received a complain about a traffic violation at Toronto Street and Elgin Park Drive shortly before 6 a.m. last Thursday (Sept. 15).

“A young driver was about to make a left turn on a green light when a transport truck with a full load ran the red light almost striking the vehicle,” reads a social media post from police.

Police say the driver scanned the intersection before proceeding on the green light.

“The driver’s quick thinking prevented a devastating collision and reminds us of the importance of being a defensive driver,” the social media post reads.

The 29-year-old truck driver, whose name has not been released, has been charged with careless driving and red light – fail to stop.