Brock Township residents urged to check bylaw before burning

The Brock Township Fire Department is advising residents to contact them regarding any restrictions governing open air burning, before starting any fires or burning brush.

“With spring outdoor cleanup starting, we know some people choose to burn brush and yard debris on their property,” explained Fire Prevention Inspector and Public Educator Katie Dukelow.

Cleaning up debris and limiting the level of flammable vegetation surrounding your home is a good practice. But make sure the way you do it is safe – for you, your home, your neighbors, and the surrounding

Agricultural, open air and/or recreational burning in the Township of Brock is regulated through the burn bylaw. All properties require a burn permit prior to having any agricultural, open air and/or recreation fires.

Open air burning can include the use of outdoor fireplaces and cooking fires not involving the use of a barbeque. Some outdoor appliances used are not recommended because there is potential for personal injury, property damage and increased risk of a grass fire.

“Whether in the backyard of your home, the cottage or at a campground, make fire safety a priority,” Dukelow said.

“Open air burning, especially if left unattended, can become difficult to control and can result in a serious widespread fire.”

Always keep fire safety in mind. Contact Brock Township Fire Department for more information or any questions you have about our open-air burning requirements.

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