Police issue warning after snowmobiles go through the ice near Bolsover

Police have issued a warning to the public after two snowmobiles went through the ice near Bolsover.

According to the OPP,  two riders escaped to shore after their snowmobile went through the ice in the area of Bolsover Road Sunday (Feb. 13).

“Luckily, neither of the riders were injured in the accident,” reads a media release.

Officers are reminding residents to stay off the ice during fluctuations in temperatures.

“Many factors can affect the ice conditions including water depth and size of body,” the media release reads.

“Clear blue ice should be at least 10 cm thick for walking/skating, 20 cm for snowmobiles and 30 for light vehicles. These numbers should be double the thickness if the ice is white or opaque, as white opaque ice is half as strong as blue ice. Stay away from open water and grey ice which indicates the presence of water.”

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