Durham parents encouraged to monitor school bus runs

With the full return of all bus routes, Durham Student Transportation Services (DSTS) may encounter higher than normal absent rates for school bus drivers due to the COVID variant.

Parents, students, and school communities need to be aware that it may be necessary to cancel bus runs on a temporary basis if we experience high rates of driver absences.

The cancellation of school bus routes is a last resort for DSTS. It is important that parents, guardians, and students are monitoring the DSTS website daily and check the “Delayed Buses” page to monitor the status of their bus run.

Through our website, under “Track your Child/Student’s bus”, parents, guardians, and students can create an account with DSTS and receive automatic transportation updates including delays and cancellations.

Please note that if a bus route is temporarily cancelled due to COVID, it may be cancelled for up to 5 days.

Please continue to follow us on Twitter and monitor our website for the most up-to-date transportation information and important updates.

Thank you,

Durham Student Transportation Services

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