Brock Township closing playground equipment for winter

The closure of playground equipment in Brock Township parks is not related to COVID-19 , according to municipal staff, but simply a matter of course for the season.

A social media post from the municipality about the closure garnered a fair amount of attention from residents (Wednesday), with many assuming it was related to the ongoing pandemic.

“The Township does not maintain or regularly inspect the playgrounds during the winter months. It is common practice that the playgrounds are signed as ‘closed’,” said Director of Public Works Paul Lagrandeur.

A number of municipalities formally close playground equipment in the winter months, as conditions can change rapidly due to storms and changes in temperature.

A subsequent post from the Township reads as follows:

“The Township wishes to advise members of the public that we have closed our playgrounds for the winter as we do every year, due to the fact that playgrounds are not maintained or inspected during the winter.

The fact is that this year is the first year that the Township has posted this message on Social Media and posted signage at the playgrounds. We will endeavour to provide more information in future posts, but share this message with you to ensure the safety of our residents.

A staff report will be presented to Council in the near future on playgrounds regarding winter liability.

Enjoy all winter has to offer and we look forward to opening the playgrounds again in the spring after we carefully inspect and declare them open.”

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