Members of Brock Township council highlight priorities for 2022

We asked members of Brock Township council to highlight their top priorities as they prepare for the final year for the term.

 Mayor John Grant
Every member of council has priorities for 2022. In spite of the COVID-19 pandemic, council and staff will do the tasks necessary to accomplish the goals of council.
Together we will strive to provide the best possible services and as efficiently possible for the residents of Brock Township.

Regional Councillor Ted Smith
In my opinion, the top priority will be making the right decisions concerning the upcoming budget of Brock Township.
The seemingly unending problems stemming from the pandemic, infrastructure challenges and the costs incurred concerning the Beaverton Supportive Housing issue will make for a lively discussion.

Ward 1 Councillor Mike Jubb
My main priority for 2022 is infrastructure improvements. Our roads, sidewalks and buildings, such as arenas, need investments to bring them up to standards. We need to utilize our very high reserves, and new development charges, to do this and limit any tax increases.
Brock’s taxes are already extremely high and it has been a goal of mine to keep them either at zero at or below the rate of inflation.
Brock taxpayers have far too long worn the brunt of high tax increases and I would like to continue giving them a little bit of a break, especially with the pandemic not going anywhere anytime soon.

Ward 2 Councillor Claire Doble
I would say that one of our top priorities for the final year of our term is to make a final, feasible and long-term plan for our three arena facilities.

Ward 3 Councillor Walter Schummer
1) overhaul budgeting process to set goals and metrics with respect to things like an affordability index;
2) Begin process for a core services review;
3) Conduct a fulsome study of the Arena proposal in Sunderland and other arenas. This was to be done in the fall but has been pushed off. This project has ballooned in cost and needs a fresh look versus a Township-wide project;
4) Prepare to initiate proposals in the Non-Profit Sector Review Report: and,
5) Clean up as many of the backlogged projects as possible before next election.

Ward 4 Councillor Cria Pettingill
Implications from Omicron, budget decisions, arena decisions and a well-run (municipal) election;

Ward 5 Councillor Lynn Campbell
The top priority for 2022 is getting the Sunderland arena renovation and expansion project off the ground.

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