Uxbridge business looking to track down alleged shoplifter

An Uxbridge business is looking to track down an alleged shoplifter following a theft on Boxing Day.

Woods Clothing shared a video of the incident on social media, showing a woman remove a shirt from a rack and stuffing it into her jacket pocket before exiting the business.

“Ironically, it was a graphic tee that said ‘Be Kind’ on it,” a post accompanying the video reads.

“Please let us know if you’re able to identify her. We assume it will be difficult, but thought this would also be a good opportunity to remind everyone to be vigilant, even in our sweet small town. So glad we had cameras installed.”

The incident has been reported to police and the business has received an outpouring of support from the community.

“Uxbridge, sometimes you make us want to cry at how wonderful you are. Thank you so much everyone for sharing our video and all the kind words we received. We truly are so proud to be a part of this town,” reads a subsequent post from the business.

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