Winter maintenance and snow removal in Brock Township

Winter conditions create challenges for both pedestrians and motorists.  The Township of Brock’s main objective is to address the snow and ice on roads, sidewalks, and parking lots so that residents can travel throughout the Township in a safe and efficient manner during the winter months.

The Township is responsible for sanding, salting, plowing, and snow removal for 365 kilometers of roads that exceeds the Province’s Maintenance Standards for Municipal Roads.  Staff regularly patrol the roads and review weather forecasts. Each snow event is unique and different areas of the Township can receive varying amounts of rain, snow, or ice.

The unique characteristics of a storm determine the required response needed and the timeline required for the final storm cleanup is often difficult to predict in advance.  Your patience and co-operation is greatly appreciated in these circumstances.

How You Can Help

The Township devotes a great deal of resources to keep streets and sidewalks clear of snow and ice after a snowfall. Residents often deposit snow and ice from their property onto the street or sidewalk not realizing that this contravenes municipal regulations, contributes to unsafe driving and walking conditions, and increases the cost of providing winter road maintenance. When you’re clearing snow from your driveway, please keep this snow on your property. Your efforts in making winter driving and walking safe for everyone are appreciated.

In addition, please avoid parking on the streets during a snowstorm and in the days following a snowstorm. Parked cars interfere with snow plowing operations, and the resulting snow windrow negatively impacts traffic operations. Plows are required to re-plow these areas resulting in additional costs and further inconvenience for your neighbours who must clear their driveway windrows again. Vehicles interfering with winter control operations can subject to an immediate ticket and/or towing.

Tips for Safe Winter Driving

  • Drive according to weather and road conditions. Remember it takes longer to stop on a slippery road, so use extra caution when approaching an intersection with a stop sign or traffic lights. Keep a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you by using the 2-second rule as a minimum standard for spacing between vehicles.
  • Snow on roads may become hard packed and as slippery as ice. Snow build up can also result in rutting, which impacts the ability to manoeuvre. Wet snow can make for slushy roads that can build up in car wheel wells and affect steering. Extra caution needs to be taken to adjust for these road conditions.
  • Ice can form in shaded areas, on bridges, and overpasses earlier and last longer than on other road sections. Watch for frost or areas of the road that appear black and shiny as these conditions can cause your vehicle to lose traction.
  • Snow and slush spray can be blown onto your vehicle by other vehicles causing a temporary loss of visibility. Leave extra room while driving and drive defensively.
  • Blowing snow can reduce visibility and may require use of the vehicle’s full lighting system even during daylight hours.
  • Snow banks limit visibility, so be alert for pedestrians, persons with disabilities using assistive devices, and children playing.
  • Maintain a safe distance behind snow plows and sanders when you see blue flashing lights. When working, these vehicles travel more slowly than normal traffic and sight lines can be reduced by blowing snow even at reduced plowing speeds. Snow plows are wider at the front than they appear from the back as the large blades extend a metre or more at the front of the truck and to the right of the snow plow into the right-hand lane. Passing a snow plow is dangerous due to the snow ridging and road conditions. The road surface is always better behind the plow than in front of it.
  • In severe weather conditions, it is best to stay off the roads unless your trip is necessary.

The Township of Brock Public Works Department appreciates your support and patience.  We can be reached at or 705-432-2355.

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