Police reminding residents to ‘lock it or lose it’

Police are reminding residents to ‘lock it or lose it’ this holiday season.

“This time of year presents crimes of opportunity for thieves as many people are shopping for the holidays and leave shopping items in their vehicles in plain sight,” reads a media release from the DRPS.

Officers offer the following tips to protect your vehicle and its contents:

– Ensure doors are always locked and the key/fob is in your pocket;

– Park in well-lit areas;

– Never leave money in plain sight;

– Always roll up your car windows;

– Put shopping bags and other parcels in the trunk;

– Ensure GPS is put in a safe, out-of-sight location;

– Keep vehicle registration certificate and proof of insurance on you;

– Take electronics, including your cellphone, with you;

– Don’t leave your car running unattended; and,

– If parking in the same lot often, park in different spots each day.

Police also urge motorists not to keep personal documents such as credit card invoices or other documents containing personal information in their vehicles.

“Identity thieves are looking for these documents and victims may not realize they have been victimized until it is too late, costing them time and money,” the media release reads.

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