Beaverton supportive housing update

Just over a year ago, and in response to resident and council concerns, Township of Brock
passed Interim Control By
law 29942020 (ICBL) which prohibited Modular Construction,
including Manufactured Dwelling Houses and Supportive Housing Facilities
for a period of 12

During that year, a Housing Study was completed, and Council pursued all available avenues to
ensure community concerns were addressed. Based on the completed study, there was no
justification for extending the ICBL, or any restrictions with respect to the number of units.

After many months of project discussions, the Region of Durham has agreed to a number of
commitments, including:

Adjusting the resident split to 30 residents from the Region’s ByName Homeless list and
17 residents that are improperly housed in Durham, with priority being given to residents
of north Durham, for the first 4 years;

Residency based on occupancy agreements that require supportive services to be

Onsite twentyfour hour security and CCTV system within the development;

Onsite mental health and support services with twentyfour hour staffing;

A commitment to help source a permanent doctor for Beaverton in conjunction with
Lakeridge Health with a contribution of up to $100,000 should the collaborated
recruitment effort not be successful; and

Community services will be permanently provided from the hub portion of the facility,
with services for facility residents and Brock residents.

There are many other Regional commitments, but ones that Council were pleased in obtaining,
to ensure community safety and tenant support include:

Advocacy for a fulltime police officer in Beaverton or an alternative to enhanced policing
in the Township;

Occupancy limit with one resident per unit;

An intake policy based on supports needed and staggered over the first year;

Baseline supports onsite 24/7 such as a minimum staff to resident ratio of 1:10, two
resident assistants, two mental health and addiction counsellors, and a shift leader; and

Open communications between Durham Region, Brock Council, senior staff and the
Community Liaison Committee.

The Township remains somewhat concerned with the size of the project; however, we remain
hopeful that with the changes the Region has made, based on the input from all sources, that
the supportive housing project will be a success.

The Township would like to thank Beaverton Vision who assisted us by spending considerable
time investigating and consulting with various experts in multiple fields, to assist with our
research. This work helped form our position on the project, identified services we wanted as
part of the operation, and specifics around best practices which the Region has incorporated
into their plans. We also thank the community of Beaverton, the 2000 residents who signed the
petition against the project, and the rest of our residents in Brock Township for their support
during these past twelve months.

We believe that the determined efforts of the Township have resulted in a better project, and we
will continue to represent our residents to the best of our ability. The Township will continue to
work with the Region of Durham to ensure the Region performs its mandated services of
providing supportive housing and social services.

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