Concerned Citizens of Sunderland oppose proposed land swap

The primary purpose of this letter is to voice the Concerned Citizens of Sunderland’s strong opposition to the proposed relocation of Sunderland’s parkland and recreational facilities received from Miller Planning Services on behalf of David MacInnis.

Sunderland’s existing centrally located parkland has a rich history and is a testament to the forethought of many generations of community planners. The vital geographical position of the lush green space and recreational facilities provide countless social, economic, and environmental benefits for residents and visitors alike.

Expanding on the economic aspect, this land and the land surrounding the park has enormous value and based on this reality, this area will continue to attract developers who primarily put profit before people. Therefore, this letter also proposes that Brock council begin the process of creating a documented covenant that further protects this parkland now and in the future.

Most residents are willing to fight for our existing green space and recreational facilities, but it would be even more meaningful if our elected representatives took the necessary steps to implement protection now to avoid power plays by a few that could affect many.

Lastly, we ask Brock council to publicly open up the land north of our existing parkland that was awarded to our community as part of the Concerned Citizens of Sunderland’s efforts at both the Ontario Municipal Board and Land Planning Appeal Tribubal.

Ownership of this additional greenspace has already been transferred to Brock Township and in addition to providing a wonderful new space for nature walks, it would reassure the residents of Sunderland that our elected representatives value the importance of this parkland too.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.

Jay Yerema Weafer

The Concerned Citizens of Sunderland

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