Excessive speeds causing concern around Beaverton Pubic School

It continues to be a concern with the amount of speeding that continues throughout Beaverton. But it is even more concerning about the excessive speed on King Street in front of the public school, and the area where children and people walk.

Although the town has reminders via signs that fines are increased for speeding, if there is no enforcement of speeding then those signs are ineffective.

More signage around ‘Children at Play,’ speed signs that are more visible and speeding blitzes might actually help to reinforce the speed limit on King Street.

Many are concerned; will it take an injury or fatality before we will see more police presence focused on speeding?

Let’s hope the community isn’t faced with this, but it is just a matter of time unfortunately.

Another thing to consider is speeding humps. Used throughout neighborhoods where speeding is an issue, in the Toronto area, they are designed for a speed of 30 km/h and the snow plows seem to have no issue plowing and winging snow on those streets.

It would be a good solution on many streets in Brock.

Darlene Hopkins

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