Brock Township residents being asked to serve on policing committee

The DRPS is looking to give a voice to Brock Township residents on policing issues.

Local residents are being invited to serve on the North Durham Community Safety Advisory Council to work collaboratively and proactively with police to address issues in the area.

“The council meets one evening per month where they discuss and provide recommendations to DRPS to address crime prevention and safety within the community,” reads a social media post.

To take part, call the North Durham detachment at (905) 579-1520, ext. 2672 or send an email to

Members will be required to pass a criminal background check.

Ward 1 Councillor Mike Jubb referred to the committee as the “next step” to address policing issues in the township in a social media post.

“I encourage any concerned residents in Brock to reach out to become part of this committee and have a voice on policing in the municipality,” he said.

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