Brock Township wants to hear from business owners

The Brock Business Survey has been developed through Brock’s business retention and expansion initiative and will enable the Economic Development Advisory Committee and Tourism Advisory Committee to better understand and respond to the needs of local businesses. This project seeks to provide businesses with opportunities for growth, and act as an avenue to cultivate business relations with key local contacts. We acknowledge local businesses as a valued contributor to the community. The information gathered will remain confidential and will only be shared in an aggregated format.

The objective of this project is to enable the Township to:

  • Inform Council about current perceptions of the Brock business environment
  • Identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities for business expansion etc. and establish economic and community development priorities
  • Inform the creation of relevant work plans for Township committees (EDAC & TAC)
  • Assist the Brock Board of Trade to better understand their membership
  • Improve the visibility of the Brock EDAC, TAC and BBoT
  • Cultivate a positive relationship between groups involved in the survey and the local business community
  • Express our gratitude for locating your business in our community

The first step of this initiative is completing the Brock Business Survey. This survey is designed to garner your input to better understand Brock’s business base, analyze common themes and trends, and establish priorities for economic development and tourism-related projects in the community. The survey also offers the opportunity to discuss matters one-on-one with Regional economic development and tourism staff.

Please note: data will be shared with the Brock Board of Trade when existing members complete this survey. All information that you provide will be kept confidential and information regarding commonly identified topics will be reported to the Township of Brock Council in aggregate form only and with the goal of improving business communication and satisfaction.

We encourage business members of the community to take advantage of this opportunity. With enhanced communication and knowledge acquired, the Township will be better equipped to represent the interest of our business community.

To access the survey, head over to Let’s Talk Brock.

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