Township of Brock presents accessibility awards

On October 26, the Township of Brock Accessibility Award was presented to The Thrift Hub and Jolene Munro by Regional Councillor/Deputy Mayor Ted Smith for their efforts to improve accessibility and/or accessibility awareness, while going above and beyond to make accessibility a key factor in the community.

The Thrift Hub was presented this award for their efforts in improving accessibility for people with disabilities in the Township of Brock.

“The Thrift Hub staff along with The Nourish and Develop  Foundation are happy to support and help build community. The Thrift Hub is grateful for the opportunity to serve our community while also helping repurpose items and save items from landfill. We are thankful for all the donations contributed by the residents of Brock Township and beyond. We proudly accept this award with the knowledge that we are creating a more inclusive society,” said Ronda Gibbs-Shewen, the manager of The Thrift Hub.

Jolene Munro was presented this award for her longstanding dedication and engagement with the Brock Accessibility Advisory Committee and for her numerous actions and presence as a role model that promote and support accessibility throughout our community. “I enjoy working together and providing input to the Township on making Brock more inclusive and accessible to residents and visitors. This committee is a great opportunity to make a positive impact in our community and the Region. I encourage others to become involved and consider joining the Brock Accessibility Advisory Committee next year.” Said Jolene Munro.

“Having these businesses and community members working to make Brock more accessible allows our community to be more welcoming and inclusive for all,” said Regional Councillor/Deputy Mayor Ted Smith.

For more information on accessibility in Brock Township, click HERE.

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