Community rallying for families of collision victims

As the community continues to come to terms with a tragic collision that claimed the life of one teen and seriously injured six others, efforts are underway to offer support for their families.

Haven Beauty Studio on River Street in Sunderland is now accepting donations to help offset the cost of travel, meals, hospital parking and accommodations for some of the impacted families (others have declined donations at this time).

“Our small community has been rocked by the tragic events over the weekend. Seven families were directly affected and are now trying to process the new reality their children face, manage the aftermath, and for one family, grieve the loss of their child,” reads a social media post from the business.

“As a community, we have watched these children grow. We might have children or grandchildren the same age, be friends with their parents or siblings, teach them at school, serve them lunch, coach a team they played on, babysat them, had them babysit our children, cut their hair, drive their bus, live on the same street – the list goes on. We are all feeling the impact one way or another. We are all mourning for our youth, and for these families directly impacted.”

Monetary donations, which will be used to purchase gift cards and prepaid Visa cards, can also be sent via e-transfer to with ‘donation’ as the subject line.

“As we give the families the space and privacy to focus on healing, we will do what we do best as a community. We will rally,” the post reads.

“We will rally around them to support them the best way we can.”

In addition to the candlelight vigil at the Sunderland Park Wednesday (Oct. 27) evening, residents can also show their support for the families by placing seven hearts in their windows.

For more information on the vigil, click the link below:

Candlelight vigil planned for victims of collision

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