‘Another proud moment for regional government’

Re: Ontario Human Rights Commission weighs in on supportive housing battle

And it would appear the Region of Durham just keeps the hits coming at Brock. My personal opinion on the fact it would appear the Region has filed some kind of complaint against Brock with the Ontario Human Rights Commission is this:

I feel Brock has been doing more to ensure the rights of the proposed residents of this facility. Brock council has been pushing the Region to make sure proper and excellent supports are in place. Remember, this is supposed to be supportive housing but the big questions remain about the quality and quantity of supports that will be there. After all, it was the Region’s own consultants (Orgcode) who said that without excellent supports it will fail.

The Region recently announced that chronic homelessness in Durham Region had peaked at just over 100 people in the summer. Just over 100 chronic homeless in Durham and not clear if they all require support mechanisms. So, given that number I can only presume the Region is planning to move the majority of the close to 50 occupants of the Beaverton Supportive Housing project up from southern municipalities like Oshawa (who claims they have over 200 homeless – those numbers don’t make sense to me either).

Not sure if the rights of these transplanted residents is being kept in mind? I hope the Region is fully transparent with any that are moved from other regions unlike many seniors who were sold on the idea of Brock being a great place to take up residence by the Region only to have those residents stuck in housing with little transportation options and nearby shopping (I received numerous complaints from new residents at Gillespie Gardens a couple of years ago).

Brock Township is not violating the human rights of current or prospective residents. Brock Township is concerned for the health and wellbeing of our current and future residents. If only the Region of Durham would take half of the time they are spending on legal action and human rights complaints against Brock and spend it on working with the Township in a meaningful, constructive, and effective manner perhaps everyone’s rights could be observed.

Brock council has been accused of negotiating in bad faith by the Region and meanwhile it’s questionable whether the Region is negotiating at all but rather spending time running to the courts, the Ontario Human Rights Commission, and just about anyone else…except Brock.

Another proud moment for regional government.

And when our Regional Councillor Ted Smith tried to ask for an opinion on needed supports from the manager of Affordable Housing and Homelessness Initiatives at the Region the chair of the committee cut off discussion on that question. The chair said that supports were outside of the discussion. Outside the discussion? The Health and Social Services Committee was discussing homelessness and the regional manager even mentioned that there are acute mental health issues at play preventing some homeless individuals from seeking supports. How can the chair of the Health and Social Services Committee cut off discussion on this?

How can the opinion of the manager of homelessness initiatives be denied the opportunity to provide her opinion on a critical part of housing for these individuals?

Truly pathetic.

Walter Schummer
Ward 3 Councillor

Brock council responds to Ontario Human Rights Commission

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