More than 1,800 speeders caught on camera in Brock

More than 1,800 speeders have been caught on camera in Brock Township thus far.

Since the Region of Durham launched the automated speed enforcement camera program in September of 2020, they’ve been deployed on four occasions in Brock Township.

According to data supplied by the Region, a total of 1,848 tickets had been issued as of Aug. 31 – 737 on Cameron Street East in Cannington, 541 on River Street in Sunderland and 580 on Simcoe Street in Beaverton.

The maximum speed reported in Cannington was 85 km/h, while motorists in Beaverton and Sunderland hit 108 km/h and 105 km/h, respectively.

One of the cameras is currently stationed on Cameron Street West in Cannington but data is not available.

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