Good Samaritan covers cost of veterinary bill for area family

To the editor:

I do not know who you are or whether you are even on here but maybe someone knows who you are.

Our dog, Storm, was admitted to Beaverton Crossroads in an emergency surgery to save her life. We didn’t have the funds needed but the vet allowed us to pay what we can now then pay the rest later.

I guess when my fiancée was talking to me on the phone while waiting for news at the vet, someone overheard our conversation and the vet called us today to notify that a Good Samaritan has paid off the remainder of the bill.

I cannot believe this, we are so grateful to you. I wish I could thank you in person, and the vet said they will, but I am hoping you may see this and know how grateful we are.

By the way, Storm is doing okay she’s healing now and will make it. Also shout out to Beaverton Crossroads for the amazing care you have showed us.

My family and I, especially my son Mikey, would like to give the anonymous person and Beaverton Crossroads Veterinary Clinic and their team a real special thanks, there’s no words to describe how thankful we are.

Mike Norris