SIU clears officers after man suffers fractured collarbone in Cannington

The SIU has cleared two DRPS officers after a man suffered a broken collarbone during a mental health call in Cannington last April.

A report on the investigation notes that officers exercised a “reasonable amount of force” to apprehend the man and concluded there was no basis for proceeding with criminal charges.

According to the SIU, two officers responded to a 911 call for a domestic disturbance involving the man – referenced in the investigation as the Complainant – arriving at a home in Cannington around 6:30 p.m. on April 21.

The incident was reported by the Complainant’s mother.

“She reported that the complainant was intoxicated by drugs or alcohol and had been asked to leave the home but would not. She further reported that he was suicidal and had threatened to end his life by hanging,” reads the SIU report.

When officers arrived, they spoke to the Complainant’s father outside the residence.

“The complainant eventually exited the home and was advised that he was to leave the home in the custody of the police. He objected to his apprehension, refused to leave the property and focused his attention on his father, blaming him for having contacted the police,” the SIU report reads.

The officers then tried to place the man in handcuffs.

“The Complainant wrestled against the officers’ efforts to secure him in handcuffs and was placed up against a vehicle. He continued to struggle and was grounded by Subject Officer #1. Once on the ground, the officers were successful in handcuffing the Complainant,” the report reads.

The man was taken to Ross Memorial Hospital in Lindsay for a mental health assessment where he was diagnosed with a fractured right clavicle.

“The Complainant physically resisted arrest by struggling against the officers’ efforts to take him into custody, and the officers responded in kind by attempting to wrestle him under control. As the officers were finding little success in subduing the Complainant on his feet, Subject Officer #1 decided, reasonably in my view, to ground him by pulling him to the ground,” the report reads.

“In that position, the officers could expect to better manage any continuing resistance from the Complainant. Shortly after the takedown, the Complainant was handcuffed and under control. No strikes of any kind were delivered at any point by the officers.”

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