Beaverton Lake Homes subdivision blasting notice

Rock Breakers (2007) Incorporated has been contracted to provide rock blasting services for the Beaverton Lake Homes Subdivision located on a vacant property located North East of the intersection of Osborne Street and Concession Road 5. Blasting is being performed on this project to allow for the installation of Storm Water, Sanitary and water services. It includes trenches and a Storm water management pond. Blasting operations will begin on or around August 23, 2021 and will initially start in the Storm Water Management Pond area (see on attached image). It is anticipated that blasting operations will continue for approximately six months. The number of blasts per day will vary with different aspects of this project but will most likely range between three and seven blasts per day.

Hours of blasting will be Monday to Friday 7:00am -7:00pm. No blasting will be carried out on Saturday, Sunday or any Statuary Holidays.

It is anticipated that blasting induced ground vibrations will be very minor on this project and kept well within industry guidelines. However, there is potential that air overpressure caused by blasting may be felt by those closest to blasting. Vibration and overpressure levels will be monitored and recorded by a third party in multiple locations closest to the blasting operations.

Please direct your questions and concerns to:

ROCK BREAKERS 2007 Inc. – 705-789-5666

Blast Consultant – OZA Inspections Ltd – 1-800-667-8263

Rock Breakers Site Manager – Jason Genrick – 705-644-9719

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