Rock blasting slated to begin in Beaverton this month

Rock Breakers (2007) Incorporated has been contracted to provide rock blasting services for the Beaverton Lake Homes Subdivision located on a vacant property located North East of the intersection of Osbourne Road and Concession Road 5. Blasting operations are set to begin on or around August 23, 2021 and are anticipated to continue for approximately six months.

Hours of blasting will be Monday to Friday during daylight hours.

Site Clearance and Blasting Procedure

Prior to initiating the blast warning system, the blaster will:

  • complete the blast inspection,
  • clear all personnel not involved with blasting operations to a safe distance decided by the blast supervisor,
  • ensure that all right of way traffic and, if applicable, road and access road traffic is halted,
  • confirm that the guards are posted and the controlled area is secure, and
  • retreat to a safe firing distance.

Blast Signals

Rock Breakers will use an acceptable air horn or siren to give the proper blasting warning and “all clear” signals. The warning system used for blast signals will produce a sound (air horn or siren) that is distinct from any other signals used on construction. The following audible blast warning system will be employed:
• Blast Imminent—One minute before the blast is to be detonated, the blaster will give five short blasts of the air horn or siren. If there is an interruption to the blast routine once the “Blast Imminent” signal has been given, the entire blast signal procedure will begin again.
• Blast Signal—One minute after the “blast imminent” signal has been given, the blaster will give three short blast of his air horn or siren, followed by detonation of the explosives.
• All Clear Signal—The blaster will check the blast site to ensure that all charges have detonated. Once this assessment has been confirmed, the blaster will give one long blast of the air horn or siren.

Vibration levels will be monitored and recorded by a third party in multiple locations closest to the blasting operations.

Please direct your questions and concerns to:
ROCK BREAKERS 2007 Inc. – 705-789-5666
Blast Consultant – OZA Inspections Ltd – 1-800-667-8263
Rock Breakers Site Manager – Jason Genrick – 705-644-9719