Kirkfield man wins more than $333,333 in lottery

A Kirkfield resident has received a share of a millon-dollar lotto prize, splitting the windfall with two other ticketholders.

Michael Hermanson-Morton won more than $333,333 in the July 6 Lotto Max draw.

“When I scanned my ticket on the OLG Lottery App and saw all 3’s I sat there stunned for a moment,” he shared.

“I told my wife, ‘You better come look at this and you might want to sit down!’”

In disbelief, he brought his ticket to the store because he thought it must have been a mistake.

“I was so excited and amazed! I didn’t think something like this would ever happen to me. My heart rate shot up and I was shaking!”

Hermanson-Morton told the OLG that he plans to use the prize to fund an early retirement and to pay off his mortgage.

“I’ve been married 22 years and we’ve never had a honeymoon – we will now!”