Brock Township reminding motorists about parking bylaws
During April 1 to October 31, motorists should keep the following in mind when parking vehicles:
  • Residential street parking – Maximum 3 hours in all urban areas of the Township, unless otherwise posted.
  • Commercial street parking – Commercial vehicles/ Heavy vehicles are prohibited from parking on Township roadways at any time
  • Municipal parking lots – No persons shall park or leave a vehicle on Municipal property or a Municipal lot overnight without a permit.

Other common parking infractions include:

  • Parking left wheels to the curb
  • Parking for longer than three hours
  • Parking in a prohibited area
  • Parking within 3 meters of a fire hydrant
  • Stopped so as to interfere with traffic/snow removal
  • Parking within 10 metres of an intersection
  • Parking in an accessible parking space
The Township of Brock thanks motorists for their cooperation in keeping our streets safe. For more information visit the Parking webpage.
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