Police issue warning over internet scam making the rounds in Durham

The DRPS has issued an alert about an email scam recently making the rounds.

Police say potential victims are receiving an email from someone on their contact list requesting money and/or gift cards.

“The email appears to come from someone you know, who advises they are away and in some sort of emergency situation. They will then request you assist them by sending money through Google Play gift cards, Amazon, VISA or some other form of gift card or cryptocurrency,” reads a media release.

Police are reminding resident to not send any money or gift cards until you can confirm the person you know is in fact the sender of the email and that they have an emergency situation.

“If you cannot reach the sender, contact someone you know who also knows the sender and attempt to validate the story presented,” a press release reads.

“You will probably find out the person is not away, there is no emergency and they have no idea what you are talking about. This scam is usually an indicator that someone in your contact list has had their email hacked. Stop responding to the originating email address.”

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