Video — Hundreds of charges laid as cops crack down on street racing

Police have reportedly laid hundreds of charges and impounded more than 60 vehicles following a joint-forces initiative focused on organized street racing and stunt driving.

According to the York Regional Police, In 2020, police organizations across the Greater Toronto (GTA) area saw a significant increase in street racing and stunt driving incidents throughout 2020.

“Officers determined that these groups were highly organized. They planned and promoted these events, including ways to avoid detection and law enforcement,” a media release reads.

In January 2021, investigators identified several groups involved in the organization of these illegal gatherings, stunting and street races in January of this year.

“Project Takeover was launched in May 2021, led by York Regional Police but working closely with partnering police agencies in order to work beyond jurisdictional boundaries,” the media release reads.

“This project was intelligence led, using an investigative approach, aimed at dismantling these groups and disrupting the dangerous activities occurring across the GTA. Suspects were identified utilizing covert and overt surveillance, gathering intelligence and using specialized equipment like the York Regional Police helicopter, Air2.”

Between May 1 and June 24, officers arrested 70 people, laid 67 criminal charges (279 provincial offences), impounded 61 vehicles and issued 57 licence suspensions.

“Street racing groups are known to move locations frequently, so partnerships are crucial among law enforcement agencies as well as partnerships within our community,” reads a media release.

“Members of the community are encouraged to help us stop street racing by calling police immediately if you see dangerous driving behaviors on the road that could jeopardize the safety of motorists and pedestrians.”

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