Brock CHC clears another construction hurdle

After years of delays, it appears as though the Brock Community Health Centre is moving into the final stages of development for a permanent facility in Cannington.

According to a media release, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care has approved the most recent submission from the organization, which included preliminary designs, building elevations, cost estimate and more.

“This is a very significant step in the building process,” said Peter Elliott, chair of the Brock CHC’s building committee.

“Our board, staff and architect have worked diligently for over six years to receive this approval. The community will finally begin to see movement on the lot as we work toward construction of the new CHC facility”.

The announcement was made at Brock CHC’s Annual General Meeting last week by area MPP Laurie Scott.

“This has been so important to the Brock Township community and area. We have gone through the years with patience and determination, and the reality is we will soon be able to walk through those doors that we have all championed for,” she said.

In anticipation of recent approval, work on the next stage – which includes working drawings, site plan approval, tender-ready construction cost estimate and general contractor pre-qualification — has been well underway and is almost ready for submission.

That will be followed by the tender period, award and contract and construction of the new building. Work will begin on the lot as early as this summer with Elexicon Energy bringing services that fit the site plan requirements, the press release notes.

“We are very excited to see this project moving quickly now,” said Brock CHC Executive Director Janet McPherson.

“The community has shown tremendous support and patience over the years.”

Township council approved the site plan agreement at its meeting Monday (June 28) night.

The provincial government announced approval for the Brock CHC to design and construct a new health care facility in 2011.

The new facility is scheduled to break ground in 2022.