OPP reminding cyclists, motorists to keep safety in mind

The OPP is reminding cyclists and motorists to make safety a top priority this summer.

According to a media release, there have been 34 total collisions, including two fatalities, involving a motor vehicle and cyclist already this year.

“June is Bike Month, an opportunity to highlight safety messaging and remind all drivers of the laws related to cycling under the Highway Traffic Act,” the media release reads.

“Our roads are for the enjoyment and transportation of everyone, including cyclists. Under the HTA, a bicycle is a vehicle and cyclists are expected to follow the rules of the road.”

The OPP has offered the following safety tips.

Vehicle drivers

  • Maintain at minimum a one metre distance when passing a cyclist.
  • Watch for passing cyclists when opening door into traffic.
  • Slow down when overtaking a cyclist on a road.


  • Check for vehicles and cyclists with the right-of-way before entering the intersection.
  • Keep your place in the line of traffic when approaching an intersection.
  • Ride in a single file and to the right side of the road to help vehicles make a safe pass.
  • Stop at stop signs when approaching an intersection and yield the right-of-way to traffic.
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