Vaccination numbers for Brock a little unclear

While it looks as though Brock Township is falling behind the rest of the region in terms of COVID-19 vaccinations, a reporting issue may be partly responsible.

As of Friday (May 21) morning, only 37.9 percent of Township residents had received their first dose of the vaccine – nearly 20 percent behind Uxbridge (56.8) and 40 percent behind Scugog (77 percent).

But a disclaimer on the Durham Region Health Department’s data tracker notes that some residents from Brock and Uxbridge may have been assigned to Scugog Township due to inaccuracies in assigning rural postal codes.

It is worth noting, however, that only one vaccination clinic has been running in Brock each week, compared to two in both Uxbridge and Scugog, and appointments have been hard to come by.

Judging from posts on social media, a number of Brock Township residents have opted to travel outside of the municipality to receive a vaccine rather than wait for an appointment locally.

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