It’s time to speak up about issues at Allan’s Place
To the editor:
We have been following The Brock Voice reports surrounding the troubled happenings at Allan’s Place in Cannington with great interest, as Durham Region is proposing to create a 40 to 50 unit supportive housing facility in Beaverton to house people with the same disruptive characteristic as the five to seven people who are causing all types of negative havoc at Allan’s Place.
Can you just imagine the ill conceived, poorly envisioned impact the proposed Beaverton facility will have on a town as small and under serviced as Beaverton with 40 to 50 similar tenants “warehoused” in our town ?
Cannington (Ward 3) Councillor Walter Schummer has been trying his best to get senior decision makers at Durham Region and Durham Non-Profit Housing (not day-to-day staff who are doing their best) who are responsible for Allan’s Place, to correct their tenant placement mistakes and bring a reasonable level of safety and peace to the original senior residents of Allan’s Place; but with limited success thus far.
And yet two members of Brock council seem to be poo-pooing Councillor Schummer’s efforts and are suggesting that the public requests for very necessary changes at Allan’s Place be softened or lessened ?
Perhaps (Ward 5) Councillor Lynn Campbell and Regional Councillor Ted Smith should live at Allan’s Place for a month or so and get their eyes and minds opened to the real damaging happenings taking place at that facility so they can actually help convince the Region to clean up their mistakes.
Perhaps they can open their minds about the proposed Beaverton facility as well, instead of keeping their heads in the sands of denial.
I urge everyone in Brock to let council know what you think of the Allan’s Place unsafe disruptions, as well as the bigger disaster proposed for Beaverton.
Speak up now, or suffer similar Allan’s Place results, only larger, later on.
Paul Nelson
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