Resident asks council to prohibit roadside memorials

Brock Township council:

I am very concerned and agonize over serious trauma and deaths due to motor vehicle accidents on area roads but I really feel it is inappropriate to have roadside memorials placed at the scene of accidents.

It creates an unnecessary distraction for other drivers that could potentially cause another accident and leaves an unsightly mess along the roadside when flowers, crosses, personal items are left for days near an accident site.

Of even greater concern is the constant daily reminder to those who were involved in the accident and unnecessary stress to family of the deceased victim(s). No one needs to be constantly reminded of personal tragedy – they will never forget! Others may have been innocently involved and with mental health in the media so much recently, this is one stressor that can be removed.

I strongly feel all memorial tributes should be removed from roadsides, not just in Brock Township, but along all roads and highways. The appropriate place was introduced years ago — it is in a cemetery.

I am recommending a bylaw be introduced to prevent roadside memorials in our township and along all roads and highways.

Please share this with all counsellors and the mayor of Township of Brock, the Region of Durham and the Province of Ontario.

Barbara Doble

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