Goodwood Public School closed following COVID-19 outbreak

Update: The provincial government has announced that all schools will be moving to remote learning after the spring break. For more information, click the link below:

Ontario schools moving to remote learning after spring break

The Durham Region Health Department has closed Goodwood Public School following an outbreak of COVID-19.

The earliest that staff and students will be able to return to the school is April 26, according to a letter to parents dated Sunday (April 11).

“Due to the number of cases and the number of staff and students who have been dismissed, the Durham Region Health Department has decided to close the school. The school closure will prevent further spread of COVID-19 within the school setting,”

“The earliest date of return to school for staff and students is April 26, 2021. To identify additional cases of COVID-19 in the school, Durham Region Health Department is strongly recommending that all staff and students seek testing for COVID-19.”

An outbreak was declared on April 4.

According to the Durham District School Board, there are currently nine active cases at the school.

To view the letter, click HERE.

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