Cannington parent pleasantly surprised by conduct at skate park

To the editor:

If your sons or daughters were at the skate park Wednesday (April 7) night, please give them a high five!

I took my son – he’s in Kindergarten – and couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised.  My son and I thanked them but please reiterate to them how much this meant to us.

They really set good role modelling.  They were really inclusive, invited him to watch some tricks to motivate him to face his fears, as he told them it was his first time and that he was nervous.  They also checked on him to ask if he was ok whenever he fell.

He felt pretty good and proud that these older kids were willing to treat him in a pretty cool way.

They were polite and I felt proud to live in a town with such kind teens/pre teens.  Thank you parents, keep up the good work!

Heather Shearer

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