Message from mayor and members of council

Recent staff departures, impending retirements and the need to focus on the people of our organization has resulted in council taking a pause to focus on the administrative processes and services to ensure equitable and progressive attention to human resource issues in the Township. Council regrets that Township staff have had to endure difficult situations and it is the wellbeing of our staff that is of the greatest concern now and moving forward.

Council has retained Ms. Ingrid Svelnis on a short term basis contract as the Interim Chief Administrative Officer (CAO). Ms. Svelnis was the former CAO of the Township of Uxbridge for 12 years and has extensive experience in small rural government which will help to bring stability to our organization.

The effective governance of Brock, fair policy development and promotion is the responsibility of council. Council holds itself responsible for its decisions and implementation of resolutions to help move the Township forward. Our Township will move forward in a positive manner with the cooperation and participation of Township staff and council.

We thank the residents for their continued support and understanding as we work collectively for the better of Brock.

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