Brock Soccer Club’s future in doubt due to lack of volunteers

The Brock Soccer Club (BSC) would like to thank everyone in the Brock community and the surrounding areas for their continued interest and support.  The generosity and goodwill of our members in the communities we serve selflessly step up and donate their time year after year.   The club has remained strong to provide the children and youth of Brock Township an outlet and something to look forward to season after season.

For over 40 years, Brock Soccer Club has been a significant part of the lives of thousands of children in Brock Township, but it is very possible that the sport’s future is in doubt due to the lack of volunteers.  The Brock Soccer Club is in desperate need of volunteers.  We are looking for motivated people to join the board and continue to build on what has held up as a strong soccer club for many years.

Like many not-for-profit organizations, Brock Soccer Club’s success is dependent on the support of its many volunteers.  Unfortunately we have seen a steady decline in interest to take on the tasks and roles that help with the running of this club.  As previous volunteers leave and move onto other things, key positions that are critical to our club’s survival are left vacant.  We have had great board members over the years but due to personal and work commitments the majority of the current board will not be returning.  The current executive members have been with Brock Soccer Club for much longer than what was expected of them, some longer than 10 years.

Prior to onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the club made a difficult decision to cancel the outdoor 2020 season, approximately 190 kids had registered to play soccer.  While we have close to 400 registered players annually, we are limited in coaches and more importantly board members.

Although the number of volunteers has decreased over the last few years, the club remains strong.   It is financially in good shape and has a good working relationship with the Township of Brock.  In addition, there are mentors willing to support the new members in their board roles, and an administrator who has been with the club for the last 8 years.

It would be devastating not only for the kids, but for the community as a whole if we are forced to cancel the 2021 outdoor season due to lack of volunteers.

We cannot express how invaluable these positions are in keeping our club afloat and so we are imploring you to please consider joining our team so we can provide a healthy, safe and fun experience for our many young footsie enthusiasts.

If you are interested in keeping Brock Soccer Club as a vital part of the community as well as keeping the youth of the Township and surrounding areas playing the great sport of soccer, please send an email to the club at by April 5, 2021.

Once again, thank you for your tremendous support.

The Brock Soccer Club Board of Directors

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