OPP urging residents to protect themselves from scammers

To mark Fraud Prevention Month, the OPP is reminding residents to be wary of online and telephone scams.
Officers have responded to numerous reports in the area over recent months, prompting the release of a fraud prevention checklist – a series of questions to ask yourself every time you are contacted for personal information.
– Is the call unsolicited? Was it expected or out of the blue?
– Are they asking you to confirm personal information such as your name, address or account details?
– Are they looking for a fast or instant response?
– Are they asking you for money?
– Are they offering you a prize, free gift or trial?
– Are they claiming to be the police or investigating something?
– Does the email have an odd email address?
– Is the formatting strange or are there spelling mistakes?
“If any of the following apply, do not provide your information and seek advice,” reads a media release.
To learn more about the types of frauds that exist and how better to protect yourself, visit the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

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