Durham Region submits its budget priorities to both the provincial and federal governments

The Lakeshore GO East extension, broadband infrastructure and supporting community recovery from COVID-19 are among the top priorities for Durham Region in the upcoming provincial and federal budgets.

The Region submitted its list of priorities to both upper-tier governments for consideration earlier this month.

According to a media release, the pre-budget submissions are a chance for the Region to advocate for funding at the local level, from partners at the higher levels of government.

“Partnerships and funding between all levels of government have always been an integral part of Durham Region. We look forward to our ongoing partnership with both the provincial and federal governments and for their consideration in their upcoming budgets,” said Regional Chair John Henry.

“We will continue our strong history of advocating for Durham Region’s local priorities now and in the future.”

The budget priorities for Durham Region are identified as follows:

Lakeshore GO East extension:

Approving the Lakeshore GO East extension.

Broadband infrastructure:

Funding towards the long-term vision of a high-speed fibre network that connects all of Durham’s hamlets; and,

Ensuring families have access to cost-effective internet.

Supporting community recovery from COVID-19

Extending the Safe Restart Agreement funding until the end of 2021;

Supporting unsheltered and vulnerable residents with continued investment in affordable housing;

Establishing a National Early Years/childcare program to ensure consistent standardized care across Canada; and,

Supporting small businesses to reopen safely.

Sustainability and environment

Developing electric vehicle incentive program to encourage the uptake of electric vehicles to reduce transportation related GHG emissions;

Creating a program to support the transition to zero-emission transit fleet vehicles; and,

Developing the Durham Forest Centre for Innovation and Resilience.

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