An alternative vision for Beaverton

To the editor:

If folks of Beaverton Vision and its donors are ‘fully supportive of doing the right things to help the homeless,’ how could every dollar donated toward its $20,000 goal be put to better use in our town?

Furthermore, how could all 2,000 signers of the ‘Wrong Plan, Wrong Place’ petition re-imagine their direct action toward something meaningful?

Instead of a possible legal battle with Durham, there are so many alternative actions which we may direct our resources to create a more supportive community for all folks.

Hire a speaker from The Dream Team – a group of mental health and supportive housing advocates and educators, to engage with us so that we might better understand the richness that the supportive housing development will add to Beaverton.

Help our medical facilities link up with medical Schools and larger medical associations to recruit and retain qualified medical professionals.

Support local businesses for a diverse and thriving business sector. Re-invigorate an inclusive Beaverton Chamber of Commerce to protect and reflect the town’s economic priorities.

Crowd-fund the creation of a community taxi or grocery delivery business.

Hire a grant writer to apply for the Ontario government’s Municipal Modernizing Program, an investment of $40 million dollars to “help small and rural municipalities improve the delivery of critical programs and services.”

Donate funds for more access to technologies, for instance more public computers at our library and community centre.

Support local food and food security through buying at local farms, funding community lead food access programs and lobbying council to prioritize attracting a local grocer.

This is a non-exhaustive list of practical activities that require money, time, commitment and joy – all things proven to be on offer by the folks of our town. How we use these gifts count! I challenge my neighbours to think creatively when we donate and act out of the care we claim is at the heart of Beaverton.

There are folks who need meaningful support now. Instead of pushing legal papers around, let’s take on the opportunity of our town’s incoming Supportive Housing Development with open hearts, broad minds and progressive action. This is my alternative vision for Beaverton.

Courtney-Anne Craft