Township of Brock council responds to Region of Durham on Beaverton Supportive Housing Project

At a Special Council meeting on Monday, February 1, 2021, Brock Township Council approved a formal response to the Regional Municipality of Durham’s recent proposals on the Beaverton Supportive Housing Project.

“The Region’s January 28th news release on the Beaverton Supportive Housing Project stated that Brock Township has not provided responses or feedback to the Region on its recent proposals regarding the project,” explained Deputy Mayor Ted Smith.  “This is very disappointing as it is not accurate because the Township and the Region have been in regular discussions regarding these proposals over the last couple of months, mainly through staff.  However, I acknowledge that the Region provided the Township today with clarification of its statement and confirmation of these conversations.”

Council decided to make public the Township’s formal response to the Region, outlined in a letter signed by Brock’s CAO and addressed to the Region’s CAO.  It explains that the Township has acted in good faith and in the public interest by passing a By-Law to prohibit the establishment of Supportive Housing and Modular Construction developments until the Township has the time to review whether the Zoning By-law adequately regulates the appropriate location, use, development standards, total number, and separation distances of such developments.

The letter states that because of this the Township will not repeal Interim Control By-law 2994-2020 (the “By-law”).  It also reads that “the Township decided that it required additional time to determine whether the unprecedented scale of this Project (and others that may be forthcoming from other proponents) would be appropriate in the small, rural community of Beaverton” and further that the Township “identified that the Region’s proposal would indeed contravene the provisions of the Zoning By-law.”

The letter further clarifies that the Region’s concessions, “including a minor reduction of dwelling units, unfortunately do not bring the Project into compliance with the provisions of the Zoning By-law, and do not materially lessen the potential land-use conflicts that the Project may create in the community of Beaverton.”

The letter concludes with the desire that the Township and Region continue to strengthen their “excellent and collaborative working relationship.”


Township of Brock Letter to Durham Region’s CAO

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