Region makes new proposals to Township for supportive housing complex

Durham Region has made a number of changes to its proposal to build a supportive housing complex in Beaverton.

Regional council approved releasing the proposals made to the Township in a media release issued Thursday (Jan. 28) afternoon.

The Region had planned to break ground on the 50-unit modular complex – essentially located between Lakeview Manor and Gillespie Gardens – early in this year.

“The Region has heard community concerns about the project, including security, health services and community services such as transit and policing. The Region has offered significant and comprehensive proposals to the Township of Brock to address concerns and ensure the Beaverton Supportive Housing Project is completed within the funding deadline,” the media release reads.

The changes include:

– A phased occupancy plan which will limit residency to only 25 residents in the first year followed by an operational review to determine whether that occupancy could be increased and, if so, by how much;

– Admissions practices that ensure priority is given to residents of North Durham;

– The use of congregate spaces being phased in during the first year to recognize that the Township has expressed concerns with shared washroom facilities;

– A Durham Region Police Services site security audit was completed for this facility and all recommendations in that audit will be implemented. Further, the Region will provide enhanced fencing, site illumination, surveillance and on-site security;

– Regional advocacy with the Durham Regional Police Service to address issues in Brock;

– Assistance recruiting a community family physician;

– Enhanced intake policy to ensure residents have the necessary supports to meet their needs;

– Making space available within the community hub for specific supports, which will be available for all residents of North Durham;

– Conversion of some proposed residential suites to provide additional support space for residents; and,

– The establishment of a community liaison committee along with monthly meetings with the Township’s Mayor and Chief Administrative Officer and the Region’s Chief Administrative Officer and Commissioner of Social Services.

“To date, the Region has not received any response or feedback from Brock council on the proposals above,” the media release states.

Back in November, township council passed an interim control bylaw prohibiting supportive housing and modular construction, including manufactured dwelling houses, for 12 months.

“Durham Region is a caring community, and it is our job to ensure no one gets left behind. The Beaverton Supportive Housing Project will offer residents a place to feel secure, supported and part of a community,” said Durham Region CAO Elaine Baxter-Trahair.

“We believe so strongly in this project that we have made every proposal possible to address all concerns raised by the Township of Brock – yet, we remain at a standstill. We are committed to the development of this project and encourage Brock council to lift the interim control bylaw for the project to proceed.”

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