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SIU wraps up investigation into ATV crash in Beaverton

The SIU has wrapped up its investigation into an ATV crash in Beaverton last September that left a man with serious injuries.

According to a report, officers were called to Beaverton shortly after midnight on Sept. 27 after receiving a report about a suspicious vehicle unrelated to the incident. While there, officers allegedly spotted an ATV being driven without a licence plate.

An officer reportedly spoke with the ATV’s driver, referred to as the complainant, and advised him to walk the ATV home.

“Instead, the complainant drove behind the cruiser and sped off on his ATV,” the report reads.

The ATV narrowly passed by a second police vehicle on Simcoe Street before it hit a curb and slammed into a building on the north side of Simcoe Street.

The driver – a 46-year-old man whose name has not been released – was ejected. He was taken to Soldier’s Memorial Hospital in Orillia where he was diagnosed with fractures to his shoulder and four ribs.

“The complainant later told the subject officer at the hospital that he had driven off because he had not wanted to get a ticket,” the report reads.

Three investigators from the SIU were assigned to the case, as well as two forensic investigators.

The evidence included interviews with the subject officer, two witness officers and the complainant in addition to a review of police communications and video recordings from a business on Mara Road.

The events of what transpired were “easy to reconstruct” given the wealth of evidence and nature of the incident.

“Neither police officer, when interacting with the complainant, drove above any speed limits, engaged in any pursuit of the complainant, or created a blockade with their police car into which the complainant had no choice but to collide,” the report reads.

“Rather, both police officers were very careful to align their vehicles so that the Complainant could go around their vehicles. The complainant chose to do this rather than stop, and, in doing so, crashed. For these reasons, there are no grounds for proceeding with criminal charges in this case and the file is closed.”

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