Police team with residents to rescue injured deer from Lake Simcoe

Police officers in York Region teamed with concerned citizens to rescue an injured deer from the frozen waters of Lake Simcoe on Boxing Day (Dec. 26).

According to a social media post from Shades of Hope Wildlife Refuge in Pefferlaw, the animal was spotted near Civic Centre Road.

“The 200-pound doe was desperately trying to get out of the water and onto the pier. With terror in her eyes, she thrashed as she could not get over the ice and rocks,” it reads.

“With great innovation and strength, our York Regional Police officers fashioned a sling and safely brought her to shore. She was loaded into their truck and rushed to Shades of Hope.”

Volunteers have shared a series of updates in the days since.

“Our Lake Simcoe deer patient is not having a good day today. She is unable to stand on her own and she is not battling her weakness as she was yesterday. Our team is still fighting for her – and we are hoping for a miracle,” reads one posted Monday (Dec. 28).