Online fundraiser launched for witness to police shooting in Kawartha Lakes

An online fundraiser has been launched for a motorist that was caught up in a police chase that led to the shooting death of an 18-month-old boy in Kawartha Lakes.

The CAMPAIGN for Ron Hill – who has been off work since the incident on Nov. 26 — has raised more than $1,500 thus far.

The post states that Hill was travelling immediately in front of the suspect’s vehicle, which slammed into his truck at an estimated speed of nearly 170 km/h.

“This sent Ron and his truck sailing across the road in the opposite direction and he collided with the police cars that had been parked along both sides of the road,” it reads.

“Ron got out of his truck to see what had happened to have just enough time to duck down as the father and police exchanged gunfire which ultimately led to the death of the abducted child.”

Few of those details have been confirmed at this juncture by the SIU or the OPP, which are both investigating the incident (for the latest update, click the link below).

The post notes that it will likely be several months before Hill is able to return to work and that his truck has been seized as evidence.

“Ron is currently unable to work.  He has no vehicle as it was seized by police as it was part of a crime scene.  He was a self-employed contractor, so no truck means no work and no income being brought in.  As the truck is in police custody his insurance company has been unable or willing to pay out any claims as they have been unable to see the vehicle,” the post reads.

“Up until this week he has had to borrow family members’ vehicles or ask for help to either get groceries or attend medical appointments for the mental and physical damage he has suffered.”

SIU provides update on shooting that left one-year-old boy dead

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