SIU provides update on shooting that left one-year-old boy dead

The SIU provided an update Monday (Dec. 14.) into an incident in Kawartha Lakes that led to the death of a one-year-old boy last month.

While the case is progressing as “expeditiously as possible,” investigators have still not determined who fired the fatal shot – the boy’s father or police officers.

“Understandably, there is a pressing public interest in this case, including how the child died and whether it was gunfire from the father or OPP officers that caused the death. The SIU is working to make these determinations,” reads a media release.

“Doing so, however, requires time as key evidence must be examined methodically in line with best practices.”

The boy and his 33-year-old father sustained gunshot wounds during an interaction on Nov. 26.

“The baby was pronounced deceased at the scene, and the father succumbed to his injuries almost one week later. Out of respect for the family who has requested privacy, the names of the deceased have not been released,” reads a media release.

The following information was shared by the SIU in its update:

From the scene, two police-issued rifles and one police-issued pistol were collected. The three officers who discharged these firearms multiple times were designated as subject officers. A pistol was also located in the pickup truck. The pistol from the pickup truck was sent to the Centre of Forensic Sciences (CFS) for examination. The police-issued firearms will be submitted to the CFS in line with their procedures once the SIU is granted approval to do so from the CFS.

The Post-mortems
A post-mortem of the child was conducted on Nov. 28 and of the father on Dec. 4. The SIU awaits the Reports of Postmortem Examinations.

The Pickup Truck
Examination of the pickup truck continues at the CFS and involves several steps that must be completed in sequential order. Following the exterior examination of the pickup truck – which was completed Thursday – blood pattern analysis by an expert was begun of the truck’s interior and is ongoing. As this is happening, SIU forensic investigators document, photograph and collect evidence such as projectiles that are retrievable without impacting other evidence. Once this step is complete, a trajectory analysis will be performed with the assistance of the CFS in order to aid in understanding the direction of travel of projectiles through the vehicle.  Following 3D imagery of the truck, the truck will be released to the SIU forensic investigators for another thorough search for evidence. Any relevant evidence obtained will be sent for testing, and in the case of projectiles, will be compared to the firearms collected.

To date, 14 witness officers have been interviewed, and three additional witness officers will be interviewed tomorrow. Twelve civilian witnesses have been interviewed.


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