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Brock council passes interim control bylaw prohibiting supportive housing and modular construction

AND TAKE NOTICE that Interim Control By-law No. 2994-2020 will be in effect for a period of one (1) year from the date of passing, lapsing November 22, 2021, but may be extended by Council for an additional one-year period in accordance with Section 38 of the Planning Act, or repealed by Council at an earlier date.

Purpose and Effect of the Interim Control By-law

Interim Control By-law No. 2994-2020 will establish Interim Control provisions for the entirety of the Township of Brock to prohibit the establishment of Supportive Housing and Modular Construction, including Manufactured Dwelling Houses, for a period of twelve (12) months.

While the Interim Control By-law is in effect, the Township will conduct a land-use study to develop best planning practices for supportive housing facilities, “tiny homes,” and modular and manufactured construction techniques that will assist the Township to develop a new scoped housing strategy along with related Official Plan policies and Zoning By-law amendments.

A key map has not been provided as the By-law will apply to all lands within the boundaries of the Township of Brock.

By-law No. 2994/2020

For more information about this matter, please contact Debbie Vandenakker at or visit the Township’s website.


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