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Lagoon City resident ordered to remove Christmas display or face a bill

A resident in Lagoon City has been ordered to remove a Christmas display or face a bill from a property management company.

Like she has in previous years, Diane Beaumont – who has lived in the community for roughly a decade – set up a display consisting of a handful of inflatable decorations in a common area adjacent to her condominium unit at 100 Laguna Parkway.

She was shocked to receive a email from a property management corporation, on behalf of Simcoe Condominium Corporation 96, ordering her to remove the display by 8 p.m. Wednesday (Dec. 2) or be invoiced to have it removed.

“Although we have had them up in the past, this year we can’t. At no time did the board (of the condominium corporation) come to us to discuss any of this. They’ve just hid behind the property management company,” Beaumont said.

“I am saddened that during these harsh times, people at our condo are so unkind that they can’t share some Christmas joy.”

The email from Debbie Dale, president of MCRS Property Management, states that the display is “intentionally” breaching rules and that Beaumont is “refusing to abide” by the rules by keeping it in place.

“I am making a final request that you please abide your condominium rules and remove all of the various inflatables that you have placed on the common elements without prior written consent,” it reads.

“If you do not comply then I will dispatch a trade to the property to remove these various items and issue the invoice for this work to you as a common element fee collectible as such. Depending on travel distance and how long it takes to remove all of the inflatables, the invoice may be in excess of $500 and this is not an action that I would want to have to take with consequences as described imposed upon you. It is, however, the role of management to enforce and hence I will issue such work order if forced.”

When contacted by The Brock Voice Wednesday afternoon, Dale declined to comment.

Beaumont posted about the situation on social media and quickly garnered the support of area residents.

Her posts also drew the attention of Ramara Township Mayor Basil Clarke, who visited the property on Wednesday.

“The mayor doesn’t seem to have any problem with five inflatables,” Beaumont said.

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