Donation drive looks to spread some Christmas cheer at Sick Kids

A group of area residents are once again rallying for a donation drive in support of Sick Kids.

Launched in 2017 by Beaverton resident Vanessa Hanson and her family, the Happy Bags campaign collects bags full of books, small toys and games for young patients and their families heading into the holidays.

Last year, more than 100 bags were distributed at the hospital, doctor’s offices and schools.

“I’m pretty proud of our little community and the people who support the fundraiser financially, make cards for the children who receive the bags and pack them all each year,” Hanson said.

She started the campaign as a means of giving back to those enduring the same hardship her family went through when her daughters (Brooklyn and Abby) were born.

“The bags are for patients who are going through a rough time and need a distraction while they are staying in the hospital. There are also bags for parents that have been purchased to help put a smile on their face during stressful appointments and extended stays with their children,” she said.

Bags can be purchased with a $40 donation. For more information, send an email by clicking HERE.

To view a video on the campaign, click HERE.

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